Reimagined in the fall of 2015, The Barrel Steak and Seafood House was inspired by its long history. Originally located across Wall Street, The Barrel got its roots as the Spa Tavern when anything North of Francis Avenue was considered distant and rural compared to the main city of Spokane.

Over the years, the tavern not only changed ownership but also names until 1982, when it was remodeled into a popular steak and seafood restaurant and dubbed “The S.S. Beryl”, which many speculate was in honor of a sunken ship from World War II. Its nautical theme and diverse menu was well known through the 1980’s and 90’s.

In 2015, it became affiliated with Nelson+Phelps Hospitality and, in 2016, was renamed The Barrel Steak and Seafood House. Today, The Barrel is proud to offer our patrons not only a taste of history, but a taste of Spokane. We have retained some of the historic charm of the old Beryl while undergoing improvements and updates where possible, including expanding our selection of local wines and spirits.

For many years, The Barrel’s patio has been one of North Spokane’s best kept secrets, providing diners a unique garden environment, unlike any other. We appreciate you dining with us today and we hope you will find many reasons to come back and join us again and again.